The Way of the Wicked

Log #11

This was an especially dramatic game, so the Log is taking a little longer to finalize. In the meantime, I include a brief synopsis of the events that took place

Vaelus: 1
Sinnoman: 0
Rythern: 1
Grakas: [SLAIN]

William and his merry men arrive into the town, greeting the people. It is obvious to see they are exceptionally popular with everyone, carrying celebrity on their sleeve like an accessory.

In his attempt to scout the keep further, Rythern poses as a cleaner and is permitted to clean the fountain in the central courtyard. There, he gets a sense of the courtyard he viewed on his previous scouting mission with Vaelus. He locates a private outhouse and discovers where the play will be held, approximately 60 ft from the fountain on the western quadrant of the courtyard. The tower to which leads the secret passage back to the Lord’s Dalliance is to the south-east.

As William Marcus Marlow and his troupe arrive and prepare for the play, Rythern observes Father Donnagan and three acolytes enter and leave a door to the north of the fountain, a door which Rythern surmises is the Cleric’s private study or residence.

Later during the evening, as people prepare to set off for the play, Rythern assembles the others (minus Sinnoman) and proposes the murder of Donnagan, arguing that any investigation will be headed by the Cleric and that his violent, degrading murder will strike fear into the hearts of everyone in Aldencross. Further, as a priest of Mitra, he must be killed for his blasphemies. Vaelus refuses, saying its a stupid idea and that he wants to use the opportunity to expose the affair of Mrs Mott. While Rythern passionately pleads with him, it comes to nought.

At this point, Sinnoman, disguised as an elf, walks in and speaks elvish to Vaelus again. Rythern asks Grakas to help him. Bored due to the lack of activity, Grakas agrees listlessly.

After Vaelus points to Rythern saying: “he knows where the body is”, Sinnoman says: “you, the loud, violent one" she stands before Rythern and demands to know where Shivani’s body is buried. Rythern asks why she wants to know. Shocked, she asks incredulously if his question is quiet serious. Apparently unmoved at such sentiment, Rythern states in no uncertain terms that Shivani is at the table of Asmodeus, but not sitting at it, she is a meal upon it. He openly mocks and ridicules Shivani as Sinnoman walks away.
“Fool” Sinnoman mutters as she walks out the door
“No more than her" he calls after her.

Vaelus & Sinnoman pair off and head towards the Rookery, Rythern and Grakas disguise themselves as Acolytes and head for the secret passage.

The play has already begun and Rythern and Grakas find it more than simple to cross the courtyard unchallenged and enter the northern door.
They find it is a small chapel, upon the alter is written: ‘No matter how deep the darkness, the smallest candle will penetrate it’

However, as soon as the two Villains spot a trapdoor in the far corner of the room, a series of small lights descend from the ceiling and demand that the two to repent of their crimes and sins.
Rythern’s knowledge on religion tells him it is a Lantern Archon. More lights descend from the ceiling and coalesce into a large being sending Rythern into a horrified shock of these unexpected turn of events.

The following battle was long and brutal with Grakas tearing as best as he could at the Archons damage reduction and Rythern doing his best to debilitate the Archon from afar.
Ultimately, Grakas is slain despite Rythern’s efforts to save him and the sorcerer has no choice but to flee. In his attempted escape, Rythern is hurt badly and barely manages to barricade himself in he outhouse to the east of the fountain. The Archon does not follow.

Meanwhile, upon reaching the Rookery, Vaelus and Sinnoman come to a locked door
Using her charm and apparent innocence, Sinnoman manages to talk her way into the Rookery and there the two meet Mad Martin Rayard, the warden of the ravens.
He is very timid and trusting and the two Villains have no difficulty in getting the man to reveal various pieces of valuable information, including the surrounding geography and the garrisons posted within various places, how one can send messages via the ravens as well as other titbits.

As soon as Mad Martin has told them everything, Vaelus knocks the man to the ground and chokes him to death with his bare hands. Sinnoman then uses prestidigitation to flavour the body to that of bird seed and the hundreds of ravens descend upon their warden and tear the meat from the bones in short order.

The two leave the room and wait, discussing whether to assume his identity. They agree to take shifts. Sinnoman takes the first watch. She uses the vantage point and gathers surveillance on the keep however she then recalls that she has a meeting, so Vaelus takes over and she leaves.

Now fully healed again but with very few remaining spells left, Rythern steals his courage and goes back into the room, He dives behind a pew, takes significant damage but then manages to hit the creature with one final Acidic Ray killing the creature!
He walks up to the dead body, spits upon the body and says: “You are now but the appetizer to a great banquet held in honour of the Trusted Thousand who will head the spear-tip of the second coming of Asmodeus”
He drags Grakas’ body outside, back to the secret passage, the roar of the crowd masking his movements.


Macgreine KingofKlubs

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