The Way of the Wicked

Log #12

NB: Due to the fractured nature of the party at this point, with each member pursuing their own agenda, it has been very difficult in piecing together a logical narrative. I therefore apologize for this incomplete log. As facts and plans are revealed, I may well add to this one in order for things to make sense.

After dragging the body back through the secret passage and stowing it in his own room, Rythern prays over Grakas’ body, asking for Asmodius; kindness towards this fallen son of evil. Shaken up at what has transpired, Rythern is in a state of agitation and minor panic as he spends the night with the corpse. After succumbing slightly to his vampiric urges, the sorcerer simply awaits the return of one of the others.

After having breakfast, Vaelus return to his room and Rythern uses the opportunity to fill in what happened. Rythern pleads with Vaelus for help in disposing of Grakas’ body as well as assistance in penetrating deeper into the chapel. Rythern is convinced the Archon was protecting something but will not venture back there without help. They argue and Vaelus refuses to help, apparently amused at the floundering efforts of the dhampir. Rythern insults him several times and Vaelus goes off to find poisons in the forest, ultimately doing well.

As he is about to leave the inn, Vaelus overhears a young dwarf talking with Barhold and discovers that he and his brother (Hammerstow) own a dairy farm nearby yet Hammerstow never came home from the play last night.
Outside, Vaelus asks the dwarf further question and after the two exchange a few casual racial slurs, the half-elf offers his assurance that he will keep an eye out for his brother.

That night, Rythern enacts his plan. During the middle of the night when all is quite, Rythern sneaks out of his room and heads to the kitchen downstairs. However, as he attempts to open the door to the kitchen, Barhold is roused by the sorcerer’s attempts and comes out to investigate. Seeing his opportunity, Rythern requests a glass of water from the publican and as Barhold’s back is turned, Rythern picks up a bottle and swings for the man’s head, missing. Barhold suddenly turns and stabs Rythern with a knife but the sorcerer counters with a shocking grasp spell and knocks Barhold out cold. Rythern then drags the unconscious man back into his room, moves the bed aside and with a crowbar, begins to pry up the floorboards until a good sized hole has been created. Rythern then returns to his room and begins to saw Grakas’ limbs and head off with his dagger. He then makes stuffs these into his Handy Haversack and places all but the head under the hole in the floor. He then reassembles the floorboards as best he can, replaces the bed and lies Barhold back upon it, offering one final heal and quickly leaves before the man regains consciousness. Rythern then leaves and the Lord’s Dalliance and buries Grakas’ head deep in the forest.

The next morning (Monday) the town is bustling with activity. It turns out a murder has taken place not far out of town. The dwarf who was enquiring about his brother has been found dead not far from his dairy farm but even more shocking was that the body of Shivani was also there, silver scattered around the road. It appears the corpse rose from the dead and attacked the dwarf!
Father Donnagan fears the worst and the Keep goes on high alert. In addition, Barhold reports the assault he sustained last night and Captain Varning remembers that Rythern’s alternate identity knew Shivani well. Clearly he is connected with this strange occurrence and it is very suspicious that he has suddenly disappeared. Necromancy is suspected.

Over the past few days, Vaelus discovered a tarot reader in the market whom, disapproving of her craft, Father Donnagan cast out of society and publicly shamed. Vaelus enters the home of Katlyn Mott and throttles her to death. He then brutally carves: ’ZAKK’S WHORE’ in her chest and leaves a Death card in her palm, implicating the tarot reader. She is quickly arrested.
Discovering his wife’s affair this way, Mott confronts Zakk Edderly and in the resulting argument, Captain Mott kills his rival in the street. He too is arrested and scheduled to be executed the next day.

With the tower guard now extra vigilant, Sinnoman, disguised as Mad Marcus, is given a note to distribute to Farhold requesting reinforcements. Sinnoman then uses the rest of the day to practice the handwriting and signature and forges a similar note but one which states the rumours originate in a town in the opposite direction, therefore buying the Villains time.
That night, “Marcus” then goes exploring the keep and discovers the barracks, the kitchen and the dining room. Sinnoman then wanders into the pantry and cunningly summons a swarm of rats.

Meanwhile, the new recruit, Xun, enters Aldencross and observes all that is going on around him from his table in the Lord’s Dalliance. Rythern also returns, this time in a new disguise, and notices the strange figure. Perhaps this is Grakas’ replacement?


Macgreine KingofKlubs

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