The Way of the Wicked

Log #13

Kill count:-

Sinnoman: 2
Vaelus: 0
Xun: 0
Rythern: 0

Continuing with her plan, Sinnoman summons a large swarm of rats and calls for help. The two servants who attended the kitchen ran in to investigate and Sin quickly slammed the door behind them where the agonized screams of the two women barely last twenty seconds as the rodents devour their victims.
Sinnoman attempts to lure more guards into the trap but is sadly unsuccessful as the guard merely peeks in and bars the door so they can wait for help to arrive.

Sinnoman then decides to fetch the bag of weapons which were earlier confiscated from the merchant guild by the Tower. When she arrives in the forge, she discovers a man searching for the very weapons which Sinnoman has come to collect, not knowing that the innocuous bag of holding tucked away in the corner holds the stolen items.
As Sinnoman looks for a means to make off with the bag without seeming suspicious, the man begins to see flaws in her imitation of Mad Marcus. As he is about to take her upstairs “for a chat”, Sinnoman has the quick wits to cast Charm Person on the man and defuses the situation.

As they discuss things for a while, another guard comes enters, demanding an explanation for why it is taking so long to distribute the weapons and equipment. Thomas Havalyn is apparently very anxious to increase security as much as possible. After a failed attempt to poison both men, Sin manages to take up the bag with the equipment the soldiers are looking for and leaves.

The next morning, Rythern sits down and introduces himself to Xun and informs him of the party, the nature of their mission as well as Rythern’s next plan of action. Xun appears more than happy to participate.
Upon seeing the dwarves leaving for work in the morning, the two quickly disguise themselves as dwarves and chase after them. Once they catch up with the group, Rythern has little trouble in casting Charm Person on Barnabus Isenbok and convinces him to allow them (Rythern and Xun) to aid in the daily labours in fortifying the guardhouse.

Both disguised men pay close attention to the details of the guardhouse and are quite astonished at how well defended it is as well as the numerable defences for repelling an invading force. However, during the day, the two Villains observe the siege engines very closely and in the final 30 minutes of the shift at the end of the day, they begin to subtly sabotage the catapults and ballistas, Rythern through the application of his acid, Xun through his impressive knowledge of similar complex devices and mechanical principles. As the two head back to the Lord’s Dalliance, they quietly celebrate at their successful castration of the engines of death.
It is here that they meet up with Vaelus, who, having had all day to plan and plot, has devised a cunning plan to kill Havalyn and Father Donnagan.
However, Rythern is a little irritated that it is only now that Vaelus wishes to work as a team when the half elf had been so dismissive before.
After exchanging laughably poor apologies, they listen to Vaelus’ plan and largely agree that it could work.

While they discreetly discuss these things in the Dalliance, Captain Varning and some of his Rangers return and ask Barhold for provisions, as Varning plans to go out on patrol again as soon as possible. After commenting on the repugnant smell that clings to the interior (provoking a private smile from Rythern who knows that it is in fact Grakas’ rotting body secreted beneath the floor), Varning leaves.

Aldencross is awash with rumours and omens and it is clear that fear and paranoia are spreading rapidly amongst the populace. Vaelus decides to capitalise on this and literally stoke the fires of this fear. During the night, he sneaks just outside Aldencross and sets fire to a barn then spreading further rumours and superstitious lies about the crowds.

The Villains then re-assemble once again and discuss their next move. Rythern wants to storm the gatehouse, disable the rest of the defences and summon the bugbears ASAP.
Vaelus argues that to provide the best chances of survival, they should give Sin more time to get back for own self appointed mission and that there are more places in the keep to explore, Rythern agrees.

However, they all agree unanimously that they should begin to apply more force and that they should summon the army in the next week or so.


Macgreine KingofKlubs

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