The Way of the Wicked

Log #14

Kill Count:-

Vaelus: 5+
Sinnoman: 0
Rytehrn: 2
Xun: 2

The exploration of the trapdoor beneath the chapel is placed at the primary topic of the agendum tonight.

Xun uses his alchemical expertise and prepares three Chameleon extracts for he, Rythern and Vaelus to sneak past the guards and Barhold who are all dozing in the pub. Their new found (albeit temporary) ability to blend in with their surroundings guarantee the Villains success in sneaking into the basement and into the storeroom.

Hearing no sound from the forge, they judge the coast to be clear and Rythern and Vaelus disguise themselves as guards and walk through the courtyard. Xun however decides to rely on his extract and has little struggle in blending in with the shadows.

Once in the chapel again, Rythern is getting tense as memories of the archon become very palpable. The sorcerer encourages Vaelus to approach the alter, yet Vaelus refuses, sensing foul play. He begins to grow impatient with Rythern’s reluctance to continue, counts down from 3 and upon seeing Rythern is not going to compromise, walks back out of the chapel! Suffice to say, Rythern is very flustered at the prospect of being forced to continue without the martial skills of the swordsman. His fears however were unwarranted and the chapel remains undefended.

Under the trapdoor is a small room containing various Mitran religious paraphernalia; goblets, holy water, communion bread, spare hymn books etc. However, the room is not closed, a short corridor peels off from the area, with five doors on the south wall, one in the west wall and one in the north wall.
Rythern casts invisibility upon himself and opens the northern door…. to find eight people in a tiny room having a meeting (2 guards, 5 acolytes and Father Donnagan). Incredibly thankful that none could see him, Rythern barely dares to breathe as one of the acolytes closes the door again with a shrug, the sorcerer’s presence still unknown.
The western door at the end of the corridor leads to the main barracks and each of the southern doors are the acolyte quarters.

Suddenly, alarms start going off! Donnagan and three acolytes dash out and up the ladder into the chapel. Having no idea what is going on, Rythern decides they should make the most of this distraction. Casting Invisibility on both himself and Xun, together they storm the northern room, each killing an acolyte and a guard between them. As Xun desecrates the bodies, maximising the emotional impact the discovery of the bodies will have, Rythern checks out Donnagan’s quarters and takes a Mitran holy text, cursing the simplistic and wholly irritating vow of poverty Donnagan and his acolytes have apparently taken. There is no loot here.

Casting invisibility on them again, the two begin to make their escape. They dash out of the chapel to find the Tower is on fire! They realise that Vaelus must have done this.
With no other way out of the courtyard, Xun and Rythern run for the tower. With no means to plan, the two men are forced to split up. Running into the forge, they discover that Vaelus has set the storeroom alight. Rythern runs back up to the 3rd floor just as three guards run from the Rookery saying that it has been destroyed and Mad Marcus is missing.
Rythern fights through the smoke, disguises himself as a guard, dismisses his invisibility and helps fight the fire from the bucket line, hoping to avoid detection until he can sneak away.

Xun however heroically jumps down into the inferno, lands the 12 foot drop perfectly and sprints through the blaze, sustaining some semi-serious burns and has to sprint through the tunnel. He appears in the Dalliance and finds it too is a raging conflagration. He runs through the pub and out into the street.

As he works on the bucket-line, Rythern is standing on the bridge helping to ferry water to the tower when he suddenly sees a red rocket fire into the sky!
Realising that Vaelus has signalled the army to advance, Rythern legs it back through the keep shouting that someone has to warn Aldencross. He is not challenged. Sprinting through the streets he comes across the Lords Dalliance and realising that there is nowhere for him to hide or meet up with the others, he runs into the forest, realising that the Bugbears will be upon them in six hours and that no disguise will save any of them from the onslaught of the Hoard.

Meanwhile, Vaelus has disguised himself as a guard and heads for the guardhouse.
He re-leaves a guard at the murder holes, saying that the man is needed to help fight the fire. Alone with the other guard, Vaelus pushes the remaining man into a cauldron of molten sand/glass where his screams are silenced immediately. He then pours the contents of the cauldrons through the murder holes, killing all on the bottom floor.

Vaelus then examines the portcullis mechanism and decides to jam the stake holding the portcullis open. He does the same with the drawbridge, effectively disabling them.
He runs back into Aldencross into total pandemonium. Once he has secreted himself away, he starts rolling a cigarette, proud of himself for what he has achieved.

After a celebratory smoke, he later disguises himself as the late Captain Frans Mott (who was only executed days before) and tries to confirm all the rumours of undeath by openly wandering the streets, beating people up.

Eventually, the Friday morning sun begins to rise, much of Aldencross is a smouldering ruin, the tower fire is largely under control and the party is divided again and the Hoard is on its way…!


Macgreine KingofKlubs

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