The Way of the Wicked

Log #22

Kill Count:
Vaelus: 0
Leges: 1
Xun: 0
Ven: 0

The 200ft L shaped corridor that outlines the throne room has an incredible level of detailed murals depicting the history of the pale horseman and Leges and Xun (who speak Abyssal) discover that with a full day of study, they would be able to decipher the components necessary to summon a heinous creature from the lower planes. Each day of study will reveal a new creature that can be summoned. Everyone is quite excited by this news yet it will demand time and resources and while time was in abundance for now, money was short.

Meanwhile, through his experimentations with the throne, “V.A.H.” sends Vengillian from the second level and teleports him to a small ruined guardhouse/watchtower in the Bryr! Vaelus tries it and flies vertically upward and finds he is a mile or so south of the Horn. As he notes this however, the wind suddenly picks up and as he steadies himself, looking up, Vaelus sees a great flying shape soar past heading north and Vaelus realises it’s a dragon! This causes a great deal of excitement and speculation amongst the party and they make a note to seek the dragon out at some point. Depending on its alignment, it could be a superb ally… or a terrible foe.

After they fly up to the next level and are about to step into the corridor, Cogito, Leges’ familiar, is the only one who spots the trap is before them. Thanks to Xun’s skills he renders the pit safe to cross and spares one of his colleagues the 50 foot drop. The Villains spread out and explore the floor.

Vengillian finds a small circle etched into the flagstones in a clerical meditation chamber. The inscription is a repeating pattern of “N.E.N” which is quickly confirmed to be another teleportation site.
The main shrine in the north wing of the relatively small floor is a spectacular sight with four intricately carved alters and a huge amount of Abbysal script and images painted across every available surface.
The first alter is white and depicts open pits of the dead and lepars crying in anguish.
The second alter is blood red and depicts images of carnage and unholy slaughter
The third alter is jet black and is adorned with images of mortals suffering an eternal hunger and a long slow death of starvation. Finally, the fourth alter is green, its surface dominated by a skull with two coins over its eye sockets. In addition, there is a pale horse, representing Death.
In the center of the wall is a relief of Vetra-Kalli holding 3 blades, a strange jagged key and a vial which everyone realizes is a representation of the Tears of Aklace

In their hunt for more command words, Ven with Xun discover a secret room concealed in the easter wall however beyond the door is a room with nothing in it but debris. The door also carries with it a conjuration (teleportation) aura about it. Yet when Xun says “Hail Vetra-Kalli” as suggested by Ven, they open the door to find it is no longer empty! A horrible apparition and our lesser spawn are there guarding a sizable fortune. Ezra Thrice Damned and his four spawn have been tasked with guarding “the Master’s treasures” and demands an explanation, threatening to kill the Villains for intruding. Fortunately, between Ven and Vaelus, by explaining they want to re-summon Vetra-Kalli and only wish to function in the service of Asmodeus, the creatures mood improves significantly and reveals that he has the third and final Eye necessary for the ritual to begin. After a tense and heated negotiation, Ezra swears loyalty to the group and their goals so long as a blood oath is made. All agree save for Leges who refuses to give up his blood for the oath. After yet more negotiation, Leges reluctantly relents yet makes a mental note to kill Ezra for claiming his godly flesh. Once all had been sworn, Ezra bowed to his new patrons requirements and gave up the trasure to their possession.

Of the Eyes: the Eye of Hatred allowed the bearer to detect any spell of a Mitran worshipper within the Horn and, if accompanied by the Eye of Vigilance, also would reveal where the spell was cast.
The Eye of Withering, if covered in the blood of a sentiant creature, would reveal its true nature and is the primary focus in summoning Vetra-Kalli. When placed in the alter, it will create a huge desecration effect that will affect the entire Horn and activate the beacon.

Amongst the treasure are two curious items: two non-magical iron plates marked in abysal “Attikas” and “Andian”. Their meaning and function are a total mystery. Continuing on towards the Summoning Chamber and the final level, the Villains are shocked when two large shaggy horned demonic bears with “Hextor” and “Vextor” name plates hanging from their necks materialized spontaneously just shy of the spiral stair case and assaulted them! As one of them began to brutalize Xun, Leges fired a scorching ray demanding to know who possessed the iron plates. Vaelus commanded the Coesto Daemons to cease hostilities and to stand down and with their True Names revealed, the creatures obeyed fearfully.

In the sanctum, there is a huge statue of Vetra-Kalli that is bound in chains as well as a glowing holy Mitran seal the crackles with divine energy. The area is rather crampt for the Villains and yet no sooner had they begun to consider their next move, a huge lightning elemental materialised from the ether and attacked.
The thing attacks Vaelus and Vengillian quite savagely and the two half elves tear into it, amazed at the creatures ferocity.
Xun finds he can barely keep up with the sheer speed at which this thing born of the element of Air moves with and barely managed to dodge through the lancing bolts of energy to reach a better position.
However, as the air is filled with the sound of crackling electrical power and the savage swoosh of swords, Leges delivers a carefully aimed fireball into the creatures back and then lets fly four magic missiles. The relatively small orbs of force strike like stones upon Goliath’s forehead and the mighty elemental collapses and dissipates.

With the final sentry defeated and slain, everyone begins to wonder what would happen if one of them touched the alter. It was impossible to know exactly how serious the protection of the statue was without someone experiencing it first hand. It was then that someone suggested Leges should be the one to try. Leges was very hesitant to agree seeing as that the energy that radiated from it made him feel queasy even from a distance. However, trusting in his divinity, he walked over to the alter and boldly pressed his index finger into the seal. A great jolt of holy energy coursed through his body, causing great rents in his flesh and soul but the god-wizard’s fortitude stood as a mountain against the lightning flash and while the scorching he sustained were severe, they could not claim his life.
Vaelus was obviously impressed by the courage displayed
‘Okay, you have balls’
’Don’t ever forget it.’ came the reply from the deadly stern and defiant glare of Leges ‘I am the Leges, look upon me and see my divinity. I am a god amongst mortals!’
‘I hope that didnt hurt your boot making arm’ Vaelus returned with a selfish smirk
‘Vaelus, if I wanted to, I could throw those boots off that balcony right now’
’I’d kill you if you did’
‘Then we shall both attempt to kill the other, only I am not so limited in that regard’


Macgreine KingofKlubs

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