The Way of the Wicked

Log #23

Kill Count:
Vaelus: 0
Ven: 0
Xun: 1

Days go by as the Horn is gradually repaired in the image of those who govern the floors. Xun commanded the lower caves, Leges the first floor, Vaelus the second and finally Vengillian opted to oversee the third floor as well as the summoning chamber.

Over the course of the week, the Villain’s begin to assemble their resources. In Farhold, Vengillain sets up his very own business with the help of the Baron. Meanwhile, Vaelus conducts reconnaissance and scouts our the nunnery. It transpires that the Abbas, the head of nunnery, isn’t as pious as her title would imply. Sent there ten years ago as a kind of punishment, the young woman fell pregnant as a teenager so, amidst the town embarrassment, the baby was taken away and she was sent to be a nun. Through his subtle charm and manipulations, Vaelus wins himself a personal ally in the Abbess and a valuable mole into the dealings of the demon-slaying brides of Mitra.

Some days later, the Villains decide to go out on what was essentially a safari with the intent of capturing a creature for the Horn.
Out to the ruined fort, they found the tracks of a large jungle cat. Encouraged by the size, following the tracks along the river the Villains came across a cave with the sounds of eating coming from it, the dire tiger inside was very large and was enjoying a fresh kill.

After Vaelus feeble attempts to tame the creature with his Ranger skills, Leges attempts to trap it by stepping forward and summoning a pit beneath the beast, but the tiger leapt away with astonishing grace, charged and began to ravage Leges hard about the face, neck and chest, taking him from full health to the edge of his life in almost no time at all!
Ven attempted to pull Leges free while Vaelus attempted to punch at the tiger but both were unsuccessful. Both were forced to back away and the tiger shreds Leges to pieces!

With the rest of the party in front of it now, it went for Vaelus. Everyone swung at it, hurting it somewhat but the sheer ferocity of the beast surprised everyone. Through the screams and roars, claws teeth and steel, Vaelus was brought close to death himself. Given another few seconds the half-elf which survived Brandescar and the scorching of Balintyne would be a meal for a dire tiger. However, a fiercer, deadlier predator had already positioned himself and Xun brought his knives across the creatures neck and flanks, cutting it open and spilling it’s blood.
Ven quickly manages to stabilise the animal and the three of them manage to ferry the unconscious body back to the horn where they tend to it, ensuring that it’s health would return in due time.
Once back in the Horn, Vaelus used his new connections in the nunnery to acquire a scroll of resurrection which was used to revive Leges.

The group steal themselves to push on with the defences


Macgreine KingofKlubs

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