The Way of the Wicked

Log notes #7

I do apologise for this “Log” if it so can be called. You guys know I put as much effort into these things as I can muster each week however I’ve fallen behind on this weeks. I’m going as fast as I can but at the end of the day, the full, bona-fide official entry may not be up until next week. Therefore, in order for people to have something to read in the meantime, I have included a copy of my notes I took during the game and tided them up a bit. I will replace these with the full entry ASAP.

Thorn reluctantly allows Bob out of the manor and into Shivanis custody
Shivani promises to feed Bob from her own veins. Bob agrees and gets in the jar

The Frosthammer comes into dock and the party looks over the vessel. Boat is loaded with 24 tonns of weapons (single large sail, similar to Viking long-ship)
7 sailors + captain (Odinkirk; hard weather beaten face, long blonde hair, awesome beard with iron ring binders)

Ship has to travel up the entire east coast of Talengarde, 48 miles/day (Just under 1 meter/s)
Watchwall in sight, Balyntine nearby

Boat starts making for Frosthammer, slightly smaller, 15 man armed crew, no way to outrun them.
Villains start to panic. Rythern advises that they keep calm, don’t start any fights and he and Shivani talk their way past the patrol
Shivani pretends to be an official and demands the boarding party to get lost.
Rythern pretends to be a paladin and is reasonable, claiming they are merchants sailing from Davryl to Balyntine seeking in resupplying the Watchwall with weapons.
Edward Sambryl, the commander, swallows the story and offers his ship as an escort. The villains agree.

Odinkirk and the crew are scared to death
Frosthammer follows their escort, over the next hour, Rythern starts to blow holes secretly into their hull. Shivani chucks Bob over!
Rythern drops the disguise and waves ironically as they sail away
Odinkirk makes sure they get the hell out of there! He laughs at the fact we could actually protect the ship.

Yutaks (Eskimos) approach in their open rafts and kiacks
WhiteTusk (chief) has “great treasures” to sell.
Vaelus agrees to look at their pelts on board; he looks at the Narwhale horn and offers 3 silver (real value 2k) then V attacks the guy!

Rythern is quick off the draw and fires an Acidic Ray, does minor damage
Grakas misses with right claw, hits well with left
Whale hunter #1 launches his spear at Vaelus, hits fairly well
Shivani and Vaelus get hit by whaling spears
White tusk hits vaelus
Vaelus kills whitetusk with his sword
Medicine man becomes leader now and casts obscuring mist, covering Vaelus and Grakas in fog as well as 3 whalers
Rythern casts daze on a whaler towards the back
Grakas launches himself onto the whaling boat, just making it.
Vaelus follows in the same fashion and hits the medicine man hard
Rythern misses his next acidic ray
Grakas hits once for moderate damage
Shivani hits with her scorpian whip
Grakas gets hit twice
Rythern hits fairly well with his acidic ray
Grakas rages kills 2 (claw and horn) wound 1 (claw)
boats start to flee, “we need to catch them”
Vaelus hits the medicine man, the man misses
Ryhthern loads his crossbow and casts true strike
Grakas gores the medicine man with his horns, killing him, Vaelus catches the body

Rythern stands on the bow, takes aim (90 ft), and crits, killing the guy instantly!
Grakas and Vaelus stabalize the dying Yutaks.
A red cloud comes upon the remaining two… its bob! He kills both of the Yutaks and drifts out to sea.
Rythern commands the bodies to be brought on board and he takes their loot (pelts, tusks, hide armour, spears etc) then the bodies are sunk and then Rythern orders the ship to pick up Grakas and Vaelus

V and G save 3 of them (“we can sell these as slaves to the bug bears”) and gather up all the loot.
The sailors of the Frosthammer are now in awe of the party.

The night is incredibly cold, it starts to snow and wind is very biting, crew maintain the ship through the cold (knocking icicles off rigging etc)
Vaelus stays up, rolling cigerettes and smoking them. He then sees shards of ice moving across the deck.
From the top of the mast, 3 bright lights appear and streak towards Vaelus, making a humming sound, he screams in shock as they hit him

4 Ice elementals appear around the ship. Grakas strikes one with his right claw
Rythern hits the closest one (10 feet away) and casts ray of enfeeblement (-2 mods) and draws his sickle. The elemental charges and slams Rythern hard, wounding him terribly. Rythern manages to stave of the freezing effect perfectly
Vaelus swings and misses…badly
Vaelus and Grakas get hit

Grakus rages, killing one and wounding 1 of the elementals
Rythern withdraws and climbs up a piece rigging/rope (10ft)
Vaelus misses

Rythern takes a blast of cold, freezing the rope and pushing him to the brink of death
Grakas gets hit and the cold bites so hard that it numbs him, staggering him for 1 round
Grakas hits an elemental hard, almost killing it

Rythern attempts to swing from the rope to safety but the icy rope causes him to slip and he falls to the deck on exactly 0 HP
Vaelus swings hard and seriously hurts an elemental
Grakas is hit and resists the cold

Vaelus is hit and is staggered by the cold
Grakas kills both elementals around him in his rage, saving Rythern.
Rythern draws his crossbow from the floor

Grakas climbs the rope Rythern fell from and spots something on the mast
Rythern pulls the trigger, misses and passes out.
Vaelus punches the elemental and kills it.
The mephit flies away. G: “what a coward”

Vaelus bends to grab his sword and resheathes it, sneering up into the darkened sky. As Rythern starts to stir, he jokes as to whether it would be easiest to simply throw him overboard.
Rythern sits up heavily and in a moment of inspired contemplation, picks up a little of Grakas’ blood with his finger and uses it to learn anew spell, one of healing!


Macgreine KingofKlubs

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