The Way of the Wicked

The Villains Assemble or "Has anyone got a rock hammer and a big poster?"

Deep in the beating heart of Talingarde, eight souls who once attempted to cast themselves adrift away from the foul stench of the Mitran shore and who each lashed out at the society they hated, have now been pulled back by the tides of Fate and washed back to shore and ensnared. This time however, Talingarde will have its revenge on these ‘Forsaken’. Convicted by the authorities and soon to be sentenced, these warriors and casters now found themselves branded and shacked in a single cell in the infamous Brandescar Prison awaiting their individual executions. Most it seems are to be either beheaded or burned at the stake and at first none can see a means of escape.

Hope however begins to rise as a strange but unquestionably fair woman named Tiadora appears with Sergent Blakerly (the head of prison security) and under the ruse of spending some final few moments with her “beloved”, has the Dhampir Sorcerer, Rythern, removed from the cell and left in a private room with her. There she cruelly offers more than death to the Forsaken’s representative yet she refuses to offer any detail as to her true identity or her motives. Informing the sorcerer of “a mutual friend” who desires to see each of the prisoners, Tiadora clearly knows full well that the power balance is in her favour and clearly demonstrates control in the exchange, offering nothing substantial of her employer, only his location “Three days across the moors on the outskirts of the city, on the Old Moor Road in the manor house. Look for the lantern burning in the second story window”. After this, she then requests that if they could destroy Brandescar in their escape while also obtaining incriminating evidence against Srgt Blakerly while also obtaining the Wardens Spell Book, she “would be most grateful”. With Rythern thoroughly suspicious, skeptical and bemused at how all this would be accomplished let alone possible, she suddenly stuffs a silken white handkerchief into his tattered trousers before calling Blakerly back in to take “her darling” back to the cell. The sorcerer immediately recognised the hint of enchantment magic in her voice as she said this for regardless of the woman, only a Caster can manipulate a person with the ease which she did Blakerly, his hypnotic-drawl and apparently newly acquired suggestibility screaming to the astute observer that this strange, woman was manipulating him. Perhaps her employer commanded even greater powers as well as the answers that Rythern felt now compelled to discover.

Back in the cells once more, Rythern informed everyone of everything that transpired and that he fully intended to leave. With that, he immediately began to melt through the shackles binding his arms to the wall with an acidic ray. While he was doing this, Shivani the Bard had somehow discovered a vital flaw in her own manacles and used her knowledge of locks to free herself.
Eventually, with the smell of chlorine beginning to fade from Rythern’s own shackles, he decided to conduct both an experiment and an escape attempt. Calling out to the guard that he had inexplicably freed himself, Rythern made an effort to advertise his ingenuity and inability to be held against his will. In his head, Rythern theorised that the standard dim-witted guard would enter the cell alone to investigate and re-shackle him whereby Rythern and Shivani could incapacitate him, free the others and begin their escape. However, it turned out that Brandescar guards believed that there was no action like over-reaction and seven armed guards burst into the cell with weapons drawn while that entire section of the prison was sealed off simultaneously to prevent ANY kind of escape. Good Grief! Fortunately, Shivani had the good sense to make it appear she was still bound to the wall and so the guards noticed nothing but the cocky sorcerer. So zealously did they take their duties that after re-chaining him, the guards proceeded to hobble the half-vampire, smashing his feet with clubs and truncheons until Rythern lay there practically unconscious and not far from death, his feet twisted and virtually shattered. Clearly, attempting a standard show of force in their escape would be futile, stealth and trickery would be far more valuable.

Shivani quickly began freeing everyone else and soon, each member of the newly formed party were standing around the cell rubbing their wrists and ankles and quietly debating how to proceed. It was then that Rythern remembered the handkerchief he had bee given and pulled it out to inspect it. Clearly it was lovely, with unusual images of various items stitched onto it including two images of daggers. Curious to know its value, Rythern passed it around the group to see if anyone could value it when someone just happened to pinch at one of the dagger images in their appraisal. Suddenly, the image disappeared and there lay a dagger! After the initial surprise, those who could quickly cast Detect Magic on the item and discovered that they now possessed a Handkerchief of Many Things! There was much rejoicing as the party then began to distribute the items to those who could use them best while the Tiefling Barbarian, Grakus, defeated the lock to the cell with his own knowledge of locks and thus the party of villains began their escape!


Wow this is really great. Thank you for doing this.


Are you ok with this sort of style or would you prefer something shorter next time?

I think this is perfect. You got style holmes :)
Macgreine KingofKlubs

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