CG small city
Corruption +0; Crime -4; Economy +1; Law +3; Lore +0; Society
Qualities insular, strategic location, superstitious
Danger 5
Government autocracy chosen by the monarchy in Matharyn
Population 9,500 (7,500 humans; 1,100 half-elves; 650 elves; 125
dwarves; 90 halflings; 35 other)
Notable NPCs
Lord Argus Welshire, Duke of Farholde, Commander of the Castle Hamorhall
He is absent,he is off leading the garrison in war against the Fire-Axe

Sir Valin Darian, Knight of the Alerion, 2nd in command of the Castle Hamorhall

Baron Arkov Vandermir

Abbess Temperance Avigail of the Order of Saint Cynthia Celeste

Hugo Hallynbeck, mayor and reeve of Farholde


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