The Way of the Wicked

Log #25

The Baron’s Birthday Banquet is a relatively dull affair for the Villains. As Leges planted useful rumours about the Horn, hoping to spread dangerous levels of misinformation about it, Vengillian met up with Elise, leader of the 7th Knot and they each updated the other on recent activities. For reasons unknown to all but himself, Ven took great pride in stoking the fires of envy within Elise’s heart, knowing she desperately wanted to be the one to finally summon Vetra-Kalli and claim the honour. However, Ven did take note that Elise and the Baron were on practically intimate terms, sharing a great deal of familiarity. The two were suspiciously comfortable with each other and Vengillian’s paranoia flared incessantly like a great and powerful itch as the half-elf smelled conspiracy and potential treachery.

A week later, Elise sent word that a new batch of adventurers were arriving by boat, planning to assault the Horn soon yet was uncertain when they would arrive.

The adventure’s climb to the Second level of the Horn, Vaelus’ level. As the rouge, Tasker Twelve-Knives, went first, he failed to notice the trip-wire at his feet as he entered and tripped the mechanism which sent an enormous swinging log flying from the dark ceiling, striking him flat in the chest and throwing him off the stairwell, sending him plummeting from the Horn. However, by some miracle of Mitra, he somehow survived the 150 ft fall… but only just. The cleric, Traya DeMarco, healed him a little and Tasker imbibed a moderate healing potion before the Heroes began their second attempt.

All was dark save for the light spell that Hassan J’raaq possessed as he took point, past the now disarmed log trap. Suddenly though, a loud click emanated from a column directly up ahead and it began to fire volleys of arrows down the length of the corridor! While three arrows sailed passed Hassan, they did find a mark in Tasker (who was standing just behind) and she sucumbed to the poison as well and her constitution began to creep back.

Tasker ran forward, hoping to get out of the firing lane… and fell through the floor! Unbeknownst to the Heroes, Vaelus had set an illusionary floor over the pit. In the chaos, Hassan didnt notice, seeing as the floor was still intact. Tasker fell through into the cage on the floor below, and after a sickening thud, did not stir –ever again.
The Thousand Arrow trap ceased as soon as it had no one to fire at, yet no one owned the understanding as to how it could do this. Seeing as Hassan didnt see Tasker fall, he assumed that Tasker was waiting for them around the corner. He crawled on his belly across the floor, avoiding the murder holes in the walls… and followed his friend through the floor, as he too fell. However, Hassan had the good sense to secure a rope around his waist before he did so and his friends held firm. They pulled him back up and as he crawled back out, they realised the floor is an illusion.

Knowing that it was hopeless, the opening corridor apparently unassailable, they went back down to level 1, Leges’ level, hoping for an easier time.
As they entered, it did not take Blastbane long to smell the oil which soaked the walls. She silently praised herself as she threw her torch in, igniting the walls and waited for the accelerant to burn off. As she ventured into the corridor, the praise turned to curses as she walked straight into the path of a lightning bolt that lanced from the far side of the corridor as soon as she met the bend.
Traya DeMarco cast Protection from Energy on Hassan who then tried to burst the set of iron bars that blocked the way, but she was not strong enough to overcome them. Again she was struck but her abjuration protection defended her. Posca the Merchant, being a sorcerer, tried to use Scorching Ray on the bars but the spell lacked the power to harm the metal.
As the dungeon’s wrath laied low several Heores, the others fled the Horn, abandoning their equipment and vowing forever to renounce the ways of adventuring in favour of a simpler, duller life.

Within Farhold, the rumours of a wandering serial killer transmogrified from the whispered murmurings held in sewing circles and pubs to a local frenzy of fear and dread. These almost drowned out the talk of a great silver dragon which had been sighted in the area —almost.
After this however, news from Farhold ceased and Vengillian’s fears that Elise had withdrawn her assistance to the Villain’s seemed confirmed for now.


Macgreine KingofKlubs

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